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sreamatedicksondee    twin falls, Idaho
I think my friends would describe me as the gentle giant or happy go lucky. It's true that I am always in a good mood and try to get everyone else into one as well. I'm educated and all of my friends
waycross ga moviesemoghene    BEAUVAIS, Picardie
I'm straight forward when it comes to things that interest me. If you want to know more you have to get to know me.
ways to tell if your girlfriend is cheatingcookyboy147    Hamilton, Ontario
Looking for someone who likes the same things I do. Someone who likes to go out and do and see different things and who is ambitious and loving and thoughtful. Someone who is kind, smart and funny
the single guysnoop500    Epsom, England
Wassup.! Looking for someone chill with real life goals. For the record I smoke weed pretty regularly (no abuse whatsoever) which means I'm pro drama free.I like sports, music and business.

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